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Welcome to Soccer!!!  As you all know, each sport has its own equipment and much of it is not interchangeable between sports.  We've created this page to give you a good start on knowing what your child will need and how to go about ensuring the correct fit.

Soccer cleats are not the same as baseball or football cleats.  When your child is older and has actually referees judging their games, they will check to make sure they are wearingthe correct cleats.
Soccer Cleats Guide -

Soccer Ball
Different size balls are needed depending on your child's age:
   U4-U8 - size 3
   U9-U12 - size 4
   U13-U18 - size 5
Choosing a soccer ball -

Shin Guards
According to Adidas:

As a shinguard increases in size, it becomes longer and wider to accommodate larger leg diameters. When choosing a size, height is most important.

  1.  Without shoes, stand child with feet slightly apart and their backs to the wall.

  2.  Measure from the floor to the top of their head for height.  Choose the right size

Nike AdidasDick's
 Youth XSmall 3'11"-4'6"
Age 6-9
 Youth Small 3'11"-4'3"
Age 4-6
Age 10-13
 Less than 3'6"
 Youth Medium 4'3"-4'7"
Age 7-9
Age 14-17
 Youth Large 4'7"-4'11"
Age 10-12
 Youth XLarge   4'7"-5'3"
 Adult XSmall4'7"-4'11"  
 Adult Small 4'11"-5'3"  3'11"-4'7"
Adult Medium 5'3"-5'7"  4'7"-5'3"
 Adult Large5'7"-5'11"  5'3"-5'11"


Enjoying the Game
NSC wants all are players and parents to enjoy their soccer experience.  Our Board of Directors have created a few documents to ensure everyone has 
Sideline Etiquette  - Click here to download
Code of ConductClick here to download
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